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Content Submission Guidelines

We are so honored that you would like to submit your content to our website for distribution. We welcome submissions from agencies and digital marketers. We only accept original content not repurposed from other websites online.

Posting Rules:

800 to 1500 words with screenshots and examples of what is being stated. Topics that can be covered include:

  • Web Design and Development
  • User and Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing and Promotions
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Paid and Organic Search
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Agency Tools
  • Ecommerce Tools
  • Online Business Trends
  • Scaling Agencies
  • Social Media

We reserve the right to remove any link we deem unacceptable before publication unless sponsored. The content can be republished on your own website after 15 days.

How to Write A Great Article For Our Blog:

Readers come to our blog for advice from top professionals in their fields. Actionable tips are immensely important as people come to read content to learn and then to take action to get results. Understanding what does not work can be as important as what does work for your target audience and the topic you will be writing about. For example, a title like “Content Marketing Examples That Went Viral and Changed a Brand” is great. Another great title could be “Marketing Campaigns That Ended Up Causing The Spiral For Brands.”

Be Specific in What You Are Stating

Be specific in articles rather than taking a general approach. Covering ADA compliance when marketing is a perfect example as it pertains to certain clients encountered in digital marketing. Targeted articles at specific industries can be a great way to showcase knowledge and expand your brand’s reach to our readers. Below are examples of a great title and a subpar one:

Bad Title
5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing
Better Title
How to Utilize Different Types of Content in Your Digital Marketing Approach
Great Title
Take Advantage of the Holiday Season to Fill Your Blog’s Editorial Calendar

Examples Matter

Examples with data are important as they show proof as to what is being stated. Stats might not always tell the entire story while a graph could show improvements or other useful data clearly. Using visuals when possible is a great way to communicate your information to the reader. People have different learning styles and having visual aids often enhances the content.

What You Cannot Include

Articles cannot be overly promotional unless you want to inquire about a sponsored article. Even in the case of a sponsored article, the content should be useful to the reader. We reserve the right to reject any topics or links even if an article is sponsored. People come to the blog to learn rather than find services that they can use. Our team has specialized in link building and SEO for years, we know a paid link when we see one.

Prohibited Topics/Links:

  • Gambling
  • Promotion of Illegal Activities or Services
  • Payday Loans
  • Pharmacy
  • Anything not relevant to digital marketing

We do not want previously published content although we do appreciate the offer. Any plagiarized material will lead to the termination of an author from our system.

Submission Process

Pitching titles is important so we can make sure a similar topic was not covered recently. Reach out to us and pitch 5 titles to see if one is selected. When selected and submitted, there is going to be a waiting period for the editorial team to edit, revise and schedule to publish.

Include your LinkedIn and Twitter profile links.

What You Can Expect After Submission

Most authors that follow our style guidelines and avoid generic advice should have no issues with our editorial process. Others might just need to add a link to help them prove what they are saying within the content or add an image. Due to the volume of submissions, expect up to 10 business days before publication.

We want writers that can commit to writing once per month so our blog can truly build a varied audience. Encouraged are small business owners that have been handling their digital marketing for years. The awards are about promoting the top agencies whether they specialize in marketing for a certain type of business or all business.

We look forward to seeing your submission.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.