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APIExperts Square for WooCommerce simplifies the process of synchronizing your products and payments between Square & WooCommerce. It is a powerful automation solution that connects your Square account with WooCommerce so you can track everything from orders to inventory, all in one place.

  • Connect your Square account with WooCommerce with the simplest of ease.
  • Manually synchronize simple and variable products between Square and WooCommerce.
  • No coding is required – simply install, activate and set up.
  • Support for ACH Payments (Automated Clearing House).
  • Enabling ACH Payments allows your Square account to accept payments without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash.
  • Compatible with Google Pay.


Customers pay their amount using the Square payment gateway on the Woocommerce checkout page.

Square, which is connected to your server, updates your Woocommerce inventory. You can easily verify the transaction made for the Woocommerce order. Once this is done, the Woocommerce inventory gets updated automatically.

Announcement: In version 3.2 you can connect Square account with APIExperts Square for WooCommerce with a single click without creating an application on Square developer dashboard.

Square Connect API gives you the ability to connect or disconnect APIExperts Square for WooCommerce with just a single click. Click here to read the complete documentation. Integrated Sandbox support with SQUARE V2 API will allow you to test transactions in the Square Dashboard.


  • Sandbox API Support: Sandbox API is for developers who test transactions before moving towards live transactions.
  • Create Refund from WooCommerce for Square Orders: Give refund on orders of square using the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Square Payment Gateway: Customers are allowed to pay via credit card at WooCommerce Checkout with Square API.
  • Square Authorization: Connect your Square application with APIExperts Square for WooCommerce with a single click.
  • Manually Synchronized Variable Product From Woocommerce To Square Or Vice Versa With Custom Attribute Using Multiple Variations.
  • Manually Synchronized Simple Product From Woocommerce To Square Or Vice Versa With Custom Attribute And Its values.
  • Manually Synchronized Variable Product From Woocommerce To Square Or Vice Versa With Global Attribute Using Multiple Variations.
  • Manually Synchronized Simple Product From Woocommerce To Square Or Vice Versa With Global Attribute And Its values.
  • APIExperts Square for WooCommerce also provides integration with the Cartflows plugin. It makes a flow of steps that a user goes through your website.
  • Square for WooCommerce is now compatible with Google Pay, enabling users to pay their transactions via clicking on the ‘Enabling Square Google Pay’ option.

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