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When You Need A Little More Than Just A Simple WordPress Website

Custom solutions built specifically for your target audience. Our custom design & strategy approach is backed by user research & human psychology to help you achieve your business goals. We’re here to give your business the digital solutions it needs.

It is no secret that a good web design and digital marketing strategy can make a difference to your bottom line. A well crafted website can be the difference between success and failure. However, there are many designers out there promising the moon and delivering nothing more than generic cookie-cutter templates.

We don’t do generic – we design & build WordPress websites specifically for your target market. Our design and marketing strategies are thoroughly tested to deliver the best experience for your target audience, which ultimately increases sales, achieves your goals and delivers an outstanding ROI. Our solutions have helped hundreds of businesses succeed online, simplify their internal & external processes, as well as, grow their business consistently. The time is now for yours to be next!

Welcome to Synmek

We are an experienced and passionate team of web design & digital marketing professionals. All of our services are in-house and are optimized to deliver the best outcome for your business.

Synmek was born on August 25, 2015 in Toronto, Canada by our founder Arman.

What does Synmek (pronounced sin • mek) mean? It is a play on two words, synchronized and mechanisms.

A group of talents working in synchronization to help grow your business both online and offline.

At Synmek, we measure our success by one metric: the success of our clients. Client success drives every web design we create, every new technology we introduce into our workflow, every best practice we implement. At Synmek, client success means nothing less than our clients growing their business and achieving the extraordinary.

Hi, my name is Arman & I started Synmek. I bring a wealth of talent, expertise and creativity which helps my clients succeed with their digital marketing & online presence. My years of development, design and digital marketing experience have allowed me to provide outstanding results for my clients. Welcome to Synmek, you’ll be speaking with me & my team directly to help you craft the ultimate online experience for your customers and driving your business’ revenue higher. I started Synmek to help local businesses grow both online and offline.

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