Currently, social media marketing is considered to be the most effective method to promote the service or products of your brand. Social media promotion is divided into two types—organic and paid. 

Organic conversion appears as the result of interacting with your regular followers or new users that have found your post by hashtags, title, name of the brand, and so on. Paid advertising entails targeting your content to a specific audience including age, gender, location, professions, and spheres of activity.

You may wonder how you can check the efficiency of your social media marketing? The answer is simple. We recommend using one or several social media monitoring apps to track the results. Further, in this article, you will read about the top 10 business-friendly tools for controlling and evaluating your social media activities.

10 Business-Friendly Social Media Monitoring Apps

Post Planner

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Post Planner is another business-friendly social media tracking tool due to its affordable monthly fees starting from $3 depending on the size of your company. The website allows users to create several calendars where they can schedule regular social media posts. You need to write content previews in advance, add links and visual content to them as well.

Post Planner also shows the score of your content preview whether it is engaging, short, or long enough, and you can make the changes before publishing. This tool also saves your working time by posting the same link on all possible social media accounts where your brand is registered.


Taking into account the common features of social media monitoring apps, we can see that evaluating the effectiveness of your social media activities is really important. And using this type of application, this process is simple and impactful for your marketing strategy. 

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