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The first step in acquiring new customers is to communicate with them in some form, whether through writing, videos, or phone calls. Instead of focusing on adjusting their communication styles, many businesses today employ elaborate growth strategies that frequently lead nowhere.

Instead, why not take a step back and evaluate your communication style? Both with customers and employees. Minor adjustments can have a significant impact on your bottom line and employee satisfaction, so here are the main channels you can use to build outstanding customer communication.


Social media is a medium that is now stronger than ever. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become indispensable in customer journeys.

Rather than relying on specialized customer support teams, social media platforms make it easier for marketing teams to provide customer service. Increasingly, consumers discover products through social media. Therefore, they expect to get customer service via these platforms too.

Suppose, for instance, a customer stumbled upon an item they like on your Facebook page. They have inquiries regarding the item’s specs, so the most convenient next logical step for them is to shoot you a message with their concerns.

Nonetheless, numerous online merchants continue to lag behind and don’t integrate their customer service tools with their social media pages.

Make sure you don’t make this mistake; instead focus on organic growth and integrate your current customer service efforts with your social media pages.

For example, if you need professional help with your Instagram efforts, don’t hesitate to look for proven Instagram growth services. Just make sure that you find a business that can help you secure real and relevant followers.

Instant-reponse channels

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A quick response time is among the most important characteristics of excellent customer service. Customers want everything to be delivered fast. WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram are among the channels that support instantaneous responses, so include them as part of your business’s multichannel marketing strategy.

Also, consider introducing survey forms and other functionalities that could lead your customers to quick responses. This is why it would make sense to invest in the right customer service software solutions. Great customer service platforms will allow your agents to see all inquiries and reply to them as soon as possible.

They will also offer a centralized hub where your agents can see all of the inquiries no matter the channel. That will both speed up the process and save your employees a lot of time.


Making phone calls to consumers is a fantastic way to interact with them and provide them with a human-to-human connection. 

It is impossible to emphasize the significance of leaving a favorable initial impression, and here is where phone calls and representatives from call centers may be of assistance. The call center industry provides services to a wide variety of organizations operating in a variety of markets.

In addition, compared to live chats, for instance, this mode of communication provides a more intimate way of engaging with individuals who are interested in the same topic. This is due to the fact that it is much simpler to really understand people’s tone of voice while speaking over the phone.

Moreover, making phone calls to customers is an excellent way to create a pleasant experience for the customer and establish brand loyalty.

Live chat

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Live chats are a method of communication that allows your customers and representatives to communicate online. Typically, such communication occurs in real-time through the exchange of written messages.

Live chats are also incredibly cost-effective, therefore it’s not surprising that they are gaining popularity among businesses. They also provide consumers with a more seamless experience, as they rarely need to wait for a response.

Consider how direct, personal, and interactive this communication channel can be. All that is required is some customization and appealing features.

This can be especially useful when dealing with new clients or those interested in browsing your website. This is because they may require additional direction on what to do next. The live chat session is also archived and can be utilized in the future as evidence if the client has any concerns about the company’s customer care. 

Video chat

Customers who have more complicated questions or concerns about a product typically choose to communicate with a representative via video chat. The primary purpose of this channel is to provide real-time, in-person client help from a different location.

Since the epidemic has begun, there has been a growth in demand for this channel because traditional businesses are increasingly shifting their operations online. This is the main reason to consider investing in video chat tools such as Zoom or Skype. So, equip your customer service agents with the right hardware and software tools and start offering this method as your new customer support channel.

Final words

For as long as brands have existed, customer communication channels have been an absolute necessity for getting their message across to their target customers.

If brands make intelligent use of these channels, they have the opportunity to strengthen their brand reputation, as well as increase consumer happiness and loyalty. Understanding the importance of putting customers first is the single most useful lesson your business can learn.