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Learning to write better emails will boost your reputation as a strong and smart team leader, help you explain your ideas clearly, grow your influence, help you avoid pointless back-and-forths, and ensure that you really get things done.

This is crucial if you have a business to run, teams to manage, and clients to win over. The vast majority of clients will form their first impression of you based on the email you send when you reach out.

Let’s take a look at our handpicked email writing tips that will help you appear professional and business savvy.

Use email templates

The style and substance of your emails are crucial to your email marketing campaigns. People prefer to read emails with a beautiful design than those with a basic layout. In addition, the vast majority of recipients will delete an email immediately if it’s not presented appropriately on their smartphone and has no structure.

That’s where a good template can help, serving as a foundation for your next perfect message. Not only will it help you render every important detail in every message you send, but it will also help you save time and become more efficient.

Using an email template, you can place your content within the template, so it won’t be necessary to design a brand-new email template for every new campaign. The time saved can be used to create content and complete other essential tasks.

On top of that, you could also make good use of e-signature technology. This will also save you a lot of time, but remember to pick a good tool for that. For instance, DocuSign is a good example of such a tool, but if that tool doesn’t fit in with your budget, you could also find decent DocuSign alternatives that can do an equally good job.

Let AI help you

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AI tools are apps that use artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing to understand the context of your information and generate human-like, high-quality content.

These tools can help you become efficient, improve and produce more content, and deliver a better customer experience. Some of these tools also offer email writing help, so you shouldn’t shy away from them.

For instance, if you need help with a certain paragraph in your message, you might want to take advantage of a good paragraph generator. This will help you craft a good block of text with relevant content within a few seconds.

Carefully create your recipient list

Before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), carefully identify the individuals you want to send your emails.

For instance, if you wish to organize a one-on-one meeting, the recipient will be obvious. However, if you’re searching for a project update, you may need to be more selective when compiling your recipient list.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who has the information I’m seeking?
  2. Will a team member, such as the team leader or project manager, be allowed to share it with me?
  3. Am I required to include many members of the team? If so, who must be included?

If you wish to CC someone to keep them in the loop, add a brief comment to the email thread when you add new recipients so that everyone’s aware of the context. Finally, avoid sending a message to a full team if you only need to communicate with one or two people.

Avoid writing emails when you are under emotional distress

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It’s easy to say something that you might later regret or say something that will be taken incorrectly or misconstrued, so you should avoid typing emails when you are emotionally distressed.

Even if the writer doesn’t intend it, emails can come across as condescending, passive-aggressive, furious, and in a variety of other negative ways. So, either postpone sending the email or choose to have the chat away from the public view. 

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you when writing emails and don’t allow yourself to end up in a situation where you write something now and deeply regret it later.

Proper grammar, please!

It’s important that your emails come off as pleasant and approachable, but you also want them to have a professional tone, so be sure to proofread them carefully for errors in spelling and punctuation.

A professionally crafted email gives the impression that you are serious about the subject matter of the email as well as the recipient of the email. Keep in mind that people are quick to point out mistakes.

In addition, a lot of people consider problems in spelling and grammar to be a huge deal in business emails, particularly when these mistakes make the message less understandable.

So, make sure to check every message before you hit the send button. A mistake here and there may prove to be costly later on if you fail to secure a deal.

Final words

Copy that is engaging and shows imagination and creativity brings email marketing to life. It is an opportunity for you to communicate directly with customers and encourage them to continue along your customer journey.

Make it such that others want to read what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to use high-quality AI technology if you find that you need assistance in developing the ideal copy for your email marketing campaign.