Avoiding content marketing SEO rules, your blog articles will probably receive no results and won’t bring any profit to your service promotion. 

5 Tips for Improving Content Marketing SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tasked with making your content recognized and displayed in search engines in order to receive website visitors, clicks, and potential deals. The SEO trends are regularly updating, but not really promptly. There are fundamental rules which your content must follow.

SEO optimization is the main component of high-quality and valuable content that is ranked on Google and provides readers with useful insights in different areas. We have described the basic working SEO rules you need to consider and follow to keep your content visible and enable users to make a click. 

Structure of Content 

No wonder, that the major part of the SEO tools where you can create content assignments offers writers, like from custom writing service BestWritersOnline, a certain structure of the article. To know which structure is the best for your topic, you can search for the competitors on your own or use SEO tools that we will describe later in this post. Look through the articles of different sizes and structures, and check the traffic and CTR (click-through-rate) indicators to define the success case. The title, meta description, all headings, meta tags have to be filled with topic-related keywords. Avoid a plain sheet of text—dilute it with paragraphs, headings and subheadings, visual content, polls, and other elements available on your website. 

Talking about the number of words, it also depends on the topic and results of your competitors, some themes require 1000 words, while others—3000+.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great method of promoting your website’s pages by the relevant keywords. A few words about what it actually is. Guest posting entails writing short (400 or 1000 words) articles for publishing them on trusted websites like Topdevelopers.co, Clutch, Goodfirms, Forbes, and others. Depending on the platform, the content can be 100% promotional or only contain keywords with a link to your website. 

For example, you need to promote your content marketing services. Then you choose the keyword “content marketing services” and link it with the blog article related to the same topic. This is the way you get an anchor for your guest post. The key anchor defines the theme for your guest (PR) post, like “Top trends in content marketing”, for instance. As these actions are done, you can start looking for a matching website where you can post the article for the purpose of promoting your website and company services. 

Use Tools to Monitor the Results 

To be aware of the efficiency of your content marketing SEO strategy, the evaluation of results is pivotal. There is no need to constantly update the content within your articles, you can find out the drawbacks using specifically made analyzing tools. We have collected several best tools that SEO specialists commonly use to assess article visibility and conversion. A tiny note from online writing service WritingJudge, using one tool is not enough, they all work better for your content marketing SEO in combination.

Google Search Console

This tool provides the options of tracking the performance of your website overall as well as separate pages with articles. It is easy to use and recognize the results. You can track the following information about each of your articles:

  • number of impressions—this indicator is responsible for the frequency of showing your website pages in Google search, meaning how often users see the links;
  • number of clicks—it shows how many users got interested and clicked the link to continue reading the article; if the article has no clicks, then the title and description may be irrelevant and require changes;
  • positions—each keyword recognized by Google within your article has a certain position in search, this indicator helps you see if the keywords are relevant to your topic and if there is a lack of particular keywords.


This app is tasked with looking for suitable keywords for your topic through 10 different search engines. You can check the search volume and level of competition for each keyword you will use in your content. A small tip from us is if you want to get in top positions by keywords, choose the keywords with smaller volume and number of competitors. Ahrefs is capable of providing analytical data about your competitors to reveal the content gaps within your website and resolve them. It means you will surely know what updates you need to implement to improve the content marketing SEO. 


There are cases when keywords are mismatched to the chosen article. Surfseo helps to avoid such situations. It is a great tool for SEO task creation. It provides the copywriter with a huge number of suitable keywords and LSI, shows the approximate structure of the article, number of words and paragraphs, and questions for the FAQ block. Furthermore, it makes the work of SEO specialists, as this app shows the score of each article to know what changes are needed before posting.

Google Index

This is another proof of the need to constantly evaluate the results of your content. To make your website page visible on Google search, the page URL has to get into the Google index to be displayed in the search. This can be a reason why your article receives no traffic and clicks after publication. Basically, Google scans all new URLs and takes them into indexing under the condition, the URL is simple, and the content is recognized. There are two ways out from this situation:

  1. The first one is to continue waiting when your pages will get into Google index which can last forever
  2. The second one is to manually collect all URLs out of indexation and send them for one more check forcibly.

Some articles on your website have received a large amount of traffic, clicks, and deals, while some of them do not work effectively for your profit. Internal link building entails adding the link of the non-working fresh article to the old active article with the relevant topic and keyword, of course. 

How does it work? The old article is capable of receiving better visibility and more clicks due to the availability of new topic-related trendy anchors. The fresh article will be pushed and will receive more traffic and clicks due to the popularity of the older content. This is a mutual benefit for all content on your blog in order to maintain its high visibility and positioning. 

To Conclude

Following the SEO tips does not exclude the need for writing high-grade content. High-quality content means that you write not about your company and services only, but you express the worry and care to your readers trying to figure out their issues and show the perfect solutions to them.

 You cannot just fill in your text with relevant keywords and select the right article structure to engage your potential clients and make them want to click your website. Such an approach will give you no results, nor profit for your business. SEO content marketing and qualitative content writing are inseparable and vital for making your marketing strategy effective. 

Do you think your marketing strategy requires any changes after reading this post?

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