Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is the first generation to reach adulthood in a society where freelancing is commonplace. In a way, it’s hardly surprising that the gig economy is growing, as the independence and options that freelancing provides are becoming increasingly attractive to young professionals, particularly to Gen Z. 

The older members of Gen Z are beginning to make their impact in the workforce, while younger members are still figuring out their future plans. Naturally, the pandemic increased the popularity of remote employment, which coincided with the beginning of Gen Z’s professional careers.

Therefore, if businesses want to retain talented freelancers from Generation Z, they must provide them with some measure of flexibility. If you’re interested in learning how to work productively with Gen Z freelancers, read on.

Take Time to Understand Their Needs and Ideals

The millennial generation is concerned with social justice and expects to see that being represented in the businesses they work for. Having meaningful relationships is also essential to them. 

Because of their unique blend of idealism and practicality, it’s crucial to design a working atmosphere that encourages both perspectives. Employers who want to attract and retain Gen Z freelancers must balance their workers’ desire for professional advancement and their need for time off.

Freelancers will be more likely to feel heard, appreciated, and respected if the company culture is positive. This includes providing freelancers with the resources they need to succeed in their work and allowing them to take as much or as little part in the company’s culture as they like. 

To get things rolling with your Gen Z freelancers, it’s best to go with a professional freelance management system as this software can help you expedite the onboarding process, as well as the processes of cooperation, task-deployment, payments, and more, all without compromising their ideals of not wanting to feel like they’re a part of formal enterprise or corporation. 

Remember to Stay Flexible and Adaptable

Freelancers from Generation Z value having a good work-life balance. Your independent Gen Z contractors will not give up their entire social life for your project. Freelancers of Generation Z are eager to work on your project, but they require some autonomy and self-direction to be effective. 

Many businesses can benefit from a combination of remote workers and in-office employees or work-from-home policies. Workers need the flexibility to be able to take vacations and pursue interests outside of work. If you want to give your new hire the best chance at success, you should create a work atmosphere that suits both of your needs. 

It’s crucial to provide freelancers with everything they need to meet their deadlines while maintaining flexibility. To reduce anxiety in the days leading up to a deadline, make sure everyone is on the same page with their responsibilities and expectations right from the start. It is crucial to create a sense of community and belonging, but you shouldn’t make them come into the office if they don’t have to.

Employ Modern Technology

Working with a Zoomer is a terrific approach to streamlining processes and using cutting-edge tools and technology. To do that, make sure you ask potential freelancers about the programs and networks they plan to use for the project. Freelancer onboarding might be sped up if the person already has experience with the applications your business uses.

You shouldn’t worry if the freelancer you hire is unfamiliar with the apps or services you commonly use; they will pick them up quickly and appreciate the opportunity to expand their professional toolkit.

Communicate Openly 

In order to work well together, it is essential to set up communication channels early on. A texting app or freelancer website would work for this purpose. Give freelancers a clear point of contact, so they know who to talk to if they have questions. It’s also crucial to make it clear immediately that you’re a resource for them to turn to if they need assistance or direction. So, if a question comes up, your freelancer won’t feel stuck.

Adopt an Inclusive and Welcoming Attitude

When looking for a job, members of Generation Z prioritize a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion because these are ideals they hold dear. Therefore, businesses should hire people from all walks of life, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, have different political views, or practice a different religion. This will make you more appealing to the thoughtful members of Generation Z’s labor force and will also increase the diversity of ideas that goes into your product creation.

Final Thoughts

Gen Z freelancers are dedicated, hardworking, self-reliant, and skilled individuals who care deeply about doing excellent work for you. Use the Gen Z workers’ qualities (their adaptability, openness, tech-savviness, and independence) to your advantage while working with them. Of course, you should also learn to put your faith in their abilities and knowledge despite their youth. In the long run, the labor market will benefit from Gen Z’s participation.