Stay-at-home measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the rapid rise of Ecommerce. In fact, the global online sales in the second quarter of 2020 were 71% more than previous years. But rather than being concerned about solely profitability, you should also consider how you can improve the customer experience. This includes factors such as product availability and how you’ll get the product to their doorsteps as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Another thing you should be thinking about is how you’ll spread brand awareness at a time when people are spending more time indoors. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help you remain relevant in our current climate. Below are a few things you can do:

A Guide to Promoting Your Ecommerce Business

Improve Your Marketing Knowledge

A Guide to Promoting Your Ecommerce Business |Improve your marketing knowledge

The Ecommerce industry is always evolving. Because of this, it’s important for your business to know the latest marketing trends in order to remain visible and competitive.

There are a number of avenues, an e-commerce business owner can pursue to increase their marketing knowledge. The Entrepreneur outlines how there are now dedicated online Ecommerce courses led by best-selling business instructors. These courses include the latest trends on dropshipping, Shopify, and automating income. For those who want a much more comprehensive education, top universities across the country offer online business programs that allow students to study remotely. These online degrees, at both a bachelor’s and master’s level, will allow e-commerce owners to study and work at the same time, and can be completed within a year making them very time efficient. The topics included in these courses range from emerging digital media trends, to marketing communications, branding, social networking, and consumer behavior. Another thing you can do is attend online conferences and events where you meet industry experts and peers as well. Rising Media’s Marketing Analytics Summit in 2022, for instance, will have workshops on topics such as data literacy.

Get on Social Media

A Guide to Promoting Your Ecommerce Business |Get on Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our everyday lives. In fact, as of 2021, 72% of Americans already use some type of social media. The most common platforms are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Because of this, your marketing plan should also include social media advertising, which consists of sponsored posts on various platforms. For instance, Twitter Promote helps you promote your tweets to your specified audience thanks to the Twitter algorithm. It will promote your account to attract new followers, who will be able to access your e-commerce platform.

Aside from that, social media marketing is important as well. This is where you use social media to engage with customers so they understand your brand better. This will then lead to them becoming interested in the products or services you offer. Facebook Live has become one of the most popular ways for Ecommerce stores to promote themselves. They recently added a live video mode for sellers. This means that viewers can message vendors during the video in order to facilitate instant sells.

Provide Valuable Content

A Guide to Promoting Your Ecommerce Business |Provide Quality Content

While social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to reach audiences, content marketing is the creation of customer value that will help attract and retain an audience. Creating customer value doesn’t necessarily involve providing information about your e-commerce company — although the information should generally still be related to your products. As your site becomes a trusted resource of information on a niche area, the increased views may eventually convert into sales.

In order for an Ecommerce business to be successful, a lot of effort and time must go into promoting your company. Whether it is upskilling or implementing the latest marketing trends on social media, the promotion of your business will be a key foundation of success.

About the Author: Rosalie Jordyn

Rosalie Jordyn is a contributor to the Digital Excellence Awards website.