Recognizing the rising role of digital marketing in today’s world, more and more US universities offer one-of-a-kind Master’s degrees to help students navigate the hustle and become expert digital marketers. Whether you’re looking to prosper in a digital marketing career or start your own business, a master’s in digital marketing can help you delve deep into the constant allure of marketing, consumer behavior, and brand communication in 2022.

Wondering what Master’s degree to choose? Take a look at our list of the best US degrees in digital marketing in 2022. Combining the expertise of top academics and rigorous practice, these programs are tailored to the needs of students wishing to understand how digital has shaped and continues to shape our society today- and, more importantly, to become the pioneers of the change themselves!

Rutgers Business School: Ms in Digital Marketing

Rutgers Business School’s Master in Digital Marketing tops our list for its in-depth, dynamic, and forward-looking approach to teaching. The program aims to prepare expert digital marketers who can help any company propel itself to ever-new heights through strategic brand communication, analyzing sales data, understanding consumer psychology, and much more.

What’s more, the program is fully remote, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world. This 30-credit Master’s program encourages students to carefully examine top-notch content delivered by outstanding industry scholars, which necessitates solid reading and writing skills. Be sure to visit top essay writing sites and read a bunch of novels before applying to brush up on your analytical skills and be fully prepared to delve deep into the fascinating curriculum. Moreover, you’ll need these skills to effectively communicate with your audience when you become a professional marketer.

National American University: MBA & Focus on E-Marketing

If you’re more of a business personality, we recommend National American University’s MBA of Business Administration with an emphasis on digital marketing. Yet keep in mind that the program requires you to have substantial knowledge in the field of business. Along with digital marketing, you’ll study finance, economics, leadership, traditional marketing, and more. The college also allows you to tailor the program to meet your preferred career goals.

St. Edward’s University: Ms in Digital Marketing & Analytics

Master in Digital Marketing and Analytics at St. Edward’s University is one of the most thorough programs out there. Designed to leave no stone unturned for empowering marketing experts of the future, the university aims to educate students in all aspects of digital marketing. Over the course of 16 months, you’ll learn digital marketing, social media analytics, mobile marketing, user interface design, and more. What further entices many students to apply is the plethora of interactive assignments that St. Edward’s is famous for. You’ll benefit from in-depth, constantly updated curricula designed by industry professionals.

Aden University: Ms In Marketing and Sales Management

Aden University’s Master in Marketing and Sales Management is designed to educate students on current trends in digital and traditional marketing and how to fruitfully apply them to building robust sales strategies. The program’s primary goal is to prepare students to successfully compete in today’s tumultuous corporate world, with a focus on crafting clear and meaningful brand propositions. Opt for this Master’s degree if you’re looking for a perfect blend of business and digital marketing courses.

Wrapping Up

Today, the importance of digital marketing cannot be overstated. Digital is becoming an inalienable part of our daily lives, and understanding its anatomy is a measure of success in the business environment. Delve deeper into the courses and requirements of the best Master’s degrees in the USA if you wish to learn all the tips and tricks of digital marketing in 2022 and become an expert in the field.

Author Bio

Joanne Elliot is a professional digital marketer and blogger. Joanne has helped numerous brands in developing a strong social media presence and effectively communicating their corporate messages. In her free time, she enjoys writing instructional blogs to spark young people’s interest in digital marketing.