The search engine has advanced quite a lot in the last decade. Google has different types of SERP features to attract customers at different stages in their buying journey. With so many different types of SERP features on search engines, it has become difficult for brands to get noticed on SERPs.

Furthermore, with more and more businesses taking the digital landscape, the competition has become tough to get your web pages on the top pages.

Fortunately, there is a way to rank your webpage or website on the first page, even without ranking. And the only way you can achieve this feat is by Featured Snippet.

For most people, featured snippets might be a new term out of the blue, and for some, it might be a term they need insight into.

Today, we will take you through the complete guide, where we will cover the following.

  • What Is A Featured Snippet?
  • How Does A Featured Snippet Work?
  • How To Target Feature Snippets On Google?

What Is A Featured Snippet?

Have you ever searched for a query only to get a paragraph-long answer on SERP? If yes, those are featured snippets. 

Featured snippets are information of results that sit above the organic results but under Google Ads. Thus pushing down the number one position. It is no surprise that today’s ranking in the number one position doesn’t feel so satisfying.

Featured snippets have taken the position of number one (virtually) and have pushed the number one position to 2, 3, 4…

The concept of featured snippets is simple but, at the same time, complex to understand. Hence, it is better to get help from professionals like Norfolk SEO Services instead of DIY.

Taking help from professionals will not only help you get the top rankings but also on featured snippets.

How Does A Featured Snippet Work?

The information that appears on the SERP is known as Featured Snippets. If any ads are running with the same keyword, the featured snippet will be found under Google Ads.

Since the beginning of the featured snippet in 2014, it has grown exponentially. The impact of a featured snippet can be understood by the fact that almost 23% of the results have featured snippet results.

It’s like a position ZERO that sits above the number one result on the SERP. 

When users search for specific queries where they are very clear about the “what, when, how, top ten, recipes, or other particular queries”. The Google search engine pulls out the exact text results from the online content and shows them to the user.

Before answering the query, Google analyzes millions and billions of online content in its database to get the best match. The result is not only relevant to the query but also feeds the search intent. 

How To Target Feature Snippets On Google?

Earning a featured snippet result is not as simple as just effective keyword placement. It is more about how relevant your content is to the search queries. 

Here are a few things you can do to get featured snippets.

1. Research Keyword With Low KD & High Relevancy

Every piece of content starts with research and then uses the right keywords. Focusing on the wrong metrics will only prevent you from ranking your content. 

In the case of getting your content on the featured snippet, the right metrics are Keyword Difficulty and Relevancy.

  • Keyword Difficulty: Keyword difficulty of any keyword shows how difficult it is to rank content optimized with that particular keyword. For instance, if you have two keyboards – one keyword with KD 30 and the other keyword with KD 50. The keyword with KD 30 will be easy to rank.
  • Relevancy: Relevancy is the metric that gauges how close the keyword is to the audience’s pain points. This is where search intent comes into play. Even if the search volume of the keyword is less, if the search intent matches with the keyword, your keyword can generate more traffic.

2. Structure Your Content To Meet Searcher’s Needs

Once you have determined what your keyword and the topic will be, the next thing you need to do is determine the structure of the content. 

The structure of content matters a lot. With effective structure, the content becomes super easy to consume. When we talk about the structure of the content, we mean the layers of content you can offer to your audiences. 

Proper use of header tags, content segmentations, and adding relevant images that complement your content help you structure your content.

3. Aim For Consistency With Content

If there is one thing that has been constant in getting featured snippets, it will be consistent with your content. Consistency across all your content contributes to boosting your domain authority and trust.

And for that, your content presence must check these points –

  • High-quality.
  • Engaging.
  • Comprehensive.
  • User-focused.

These four corners make your content worthy enough to be shown in featured snippets. So, don’t try to cut any corners.

4. Remember Your End Action & Goals

A featured snippet boosts your online presence. So, if you rank one, ensure that you take full advantage of it. 

That being said, every time you research a new keyword, always think of what you want out of the content. Think about the users who would want to read your content. If they are searching for you, what are their expectations? Ask these questions every time you sit to create content for your website. 

Just like we are doing with this article, every word you find here is written with an intention – intention to help you get your content on the featured snippet.

Start Earning Feature Snippet

Google’s Featured Snippet is only going to grow in number. In fact, just recently, Google has rolled out a new update for the featured snippet, which shows that the featured snippet is not going anywhere. 

Today, most results have featured snippet results. If you can optimize your content and keep your content to the point, you will increase your chances of featuring in the snippets.

While we have tried to be as clear as possible, if there is anything confusing about the content, feel free to reach out to us.