Magento is one of the most favored and user-friendly Ecommerce platforms. Magento works on an open source technology that gives fantastically powerful advertising, search engine optimization and catalog-control tools.

But when something gets popular, people start gossiping about it. And the ecommerce world of magento development is no different than ours. Here you’ll find several Magento myths that might divert you from choosing it as your favorite platform of choice.

But don’t worry. After reading this article all your confusion regarding this will be irradiated.

So without wasting the time let’s see some of the myths regarding magento development services and how to react to it.

Top 7 Myths About Magento Development Debunked

#1 Magento is a Free Platform:-

Being an open source Magento is a widely used platform which comes with lots of innovative features. And this makes you feel sometimes that it is free and So you can use the popular CMS to start your own online store and get going, you won’t have much empowerment. But  if you want to get and use more features  of magento ecommerce development you need to have their  paid version called the Enterprise version that you’ll have to pay for if you want to go big with your store.


Even if you keep using the free version, you’ll have to invest in buying the best theme, extension and other tools that truly turn your website into a competitive beast.

#2 Magento is Easy to Use:-

Downloading Magento is easy. After you’ve downloaded it though, you’ll realize that it’s not a cake walk in the park like those developers with years of experience said. Actually, the Magento website development app is loaded with lots of technical features and a lot depends on your level of skills you have in using it. If you’re experienced enough, Magento may seem simple to you. But for the average person it is hard to manage  and maintain its Framework which is complicated itself.

Therefore, to make the best use of Magento, you must have the necessary expertise in PHP or at least have some form of familiarity with Zend Framework.

 #3: Magento can’t be used for small Ecommerce stores:-

Magento is incredibly flexible and scalable, so it works perfectly for both small ecommerce stores and huge-scale businesses. It completely relies upon your commercial enterprise needs and if Magento is the right platform in your business. For non-techies, magento improvement can be a touch hard to deal with, but that too depends upon the level of technical tweaks you want to make in it. Despite the fact that, magento development does deliver the quality and overall performance that certainly offers you top notch business growth.

#4: Expensive Platform:-

People who haven’t explored Magento think that the Enterprise version is the only option in Magento, which is expensive. But in reality, Magento has a version for every business type. A smaller-sized business can opt for the free version while the ones with a large customer base may want to go one notch up with the enterprise edition.

Individuals who haven’t explored magento suppose that the organization model is the best choice in magento, which is expensive. But in fact, magento development has a model for each commercial enterprise type. A smaller-sized commercial enterprise can opt for the loose version even as the ones with a big client base may additionally want to go one notch up with the business enterprise version.

#5 Magento Developers Are Responsible For Store Promotion:-

Any new online business needs business promotions with a view to reach the capability target market. The role of magento builders is to construct a store and combine all the search engine optimization features that could help them in the store merchandising. However for the entire promotion which can be increased through the help of SEO, PPC AND SMM. This is performed with the aid of the marketing team to generate visitors at the start, as the store is absolutely new. All these sports want time and money funding for effective effects.

#6 : Lacks customer support:-

The majority of people say that magento doesn’t provide any customer support, properly, that completely depends upon the magento plan chosen by way of you. Magento gives 24/7 customer service if you go with the company version which is paid of direction. However if you go with the network edition that’s free, you may get assist from the great magento community that is the most important and the most responsive community that no other ecommerce platform has right now. So, just like in another provider, to enjoy superior privileges, you must emerge as a paid member, and identical goes with magento too.

#7:  Migration is a Challenge

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, migrating from a lower version to a higher version of Magento is not difficult. With qualified professionals, upgrading to the latest version of Magento is not a challenge. One of the main reasons is that the database architecture remains the same. itself without impairing the functionalities.


Every era and those related to them have some barriers. The magento developer’s myths that we’ve mentioned above in the blog are the few ones which can be simply popular.