Growing your blog can feel like a huge challenge at times. If you are just starting out for example, it can feel as though you are shouting into the void, uploading content that few people ever read. This can be enormously frustrating because you will be spending hours toiling over the research, writing and editing of each post, only for it to gain next to no traction.

Of course, as long as you continue to post consistently and your content is valuable, you will eventually experience an uptick in traffic. However, the challenge of growing your blog doesn’t end there. You will continue to plateau if you aren’t careful, which is especially troubling if you have already gained a following.

This is why few blogs ever reach a large audience. The owner simply becomes disillusioned with the process, starts to stall their content production and eventually gives up altogether. It is a great shame because with the right strategy and enough time you can certainly reach viral status with your blog. Here are three easy steps to help you grow your blog as quickly and efficiently as possible:

Outsource your writing

One of the most fundamental obstacles to growing your blog quickly is the actual task of creating your blog posts. This is because the process of researching, writing and editing each post can take hours – if not days – and slow up the total amount of content you can post per week.

What’s more, if you are writing all the posts yourself, you may suffer burnout after a while, causing your content to fall in quality. A potential solution to this is guest posting. By either partially or fully outsourcing your content to a professional service provider, you can double or triple your total output, without a compromising quality. To help, MUO have reviewed guest posting companies for you to choose from.

Find popular topics or questions you can answer

Another great way to help your blog explode in popularity is to research popular topics which large amounts of people are already searching for online. The reason why this is so useful is because you are almost guaranteed to attract a fully formed audience. After all, you should treat your blog like a business. You wouldn’t launch a product without checking if the market actually craves it, and the same is true of a blog post. By answering questions and adding value in areas of high interest, you can build a larger audience far faster.

Learn basic SEO

The previous point has already touched on how to increase your search ranking, but SEO is a far broader church than mere research. You should endeavor to make your website as SEO-friendly as possible, as well as peppering each blog post with relevant keywords to attract users. By focusing heavily on search engine optimization, you will grant yourself the best chance to increase your audience number and get found on search engines.