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When it comes to maximizing earnings and growth ata global scale, many entrepreneurs believe that the best path forward is to focus on expanding their customer base.

However, the harsh reality every owner of a modern business should keep in mind is that it actually costs a company more to gain new customers than it does to establish loyalty and cultivate relationships with existing ones That’s why more and more businesses are placing a stronger emphasis on return customers.

To truly grow and succeed, you need to come up with effective processes that will help you both acquire and retain customers across markets if you want to succeed globally.

Create a localization strategy

You can barely expand into new markets without having a clear localization strategy in place. You have to bring your business and its offerings closer to new customers.

Unlike translation, which renders a message from one language to another, localization aims to adapts all of your content, including images, colors, layout, visual cues, and linguistic nuance.

A localization strategy is the most effective method for ensuring that your marketing resonates with new audiences. Localization ensures brand consistency and the subtle messages your marketing conveys through colors, numbers, and images. 

What is considered “normal” in your home country may offend potential foreign customers. For example, even something as harmless as the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants is not safe. SpongeBob has just four fingers, which in Japan indicates that he might be a member of the mafia.

Paying close attention to how your brand is perceived in international markets increases sales, enhances the customer experience, and builds customer loyalty – and good localization is essential for each of these goals.

Provide exceptional customer service

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Customer experience is paramount for every single business. This includes every interaction a client has with your company, from the initial contact to the purchase and post-purchase follow-up.

If you want to develop brand loyalty, your customers must perceive every interaction with your company as being positive, so you need to prioritize customer service. You can ensure that your customer service is of the highest quality by hiring seasoned sales and customer service professionals to represent your organization.

Whether on the sales floor or on social media, your representatives should be knowledgeable, professional, and receptive to every consumer. When your customers are appreciated and cared for, they will be hooked and return to your business.


Improving your search engine marketing and search engine optimization is one of the most effective strategies to implement a consumer acquisition strategy efficiently.

Since most people look for businesses on Google, you should look for ways to boost your presence on this search engine with the assistance of the appropriate strategies.

And while search engine optimization will get you a high ranking on Google, search engine marketing will provide you with information on which channels have the best chance of reaching your audience. This will allow you to determine what strategies are most successful in the digital sphere.

If you want to boost your SEO efforts right away, do this for a start:

  • Repurpose old content.
  • Come up with new content ideas.
  • Produce content that adds more value than what you can see on your competitors’ websites.
  • Perform keyword research properly.
  • Track and measure your results.

Create a customer loyalty system

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Customer loyalty refers to the customer’s consistent preference for one company’s offerings over its competitors. When customers are loyal to a company, neither price nor availability influences their purchasing decision.

Sales and profits are increased by loyalty programs. Moreover, customer loyalty is significant because repeat customers typically spend more per transaction.

Loyal customers are more likely to repurchase, make more referrals, and try out a new product. They are a proven incentive to encourage customers to choose your business over competitors and return frequently.

A well-designed and implemented customer loyalty program has a significant positive effect on your business and customer retention. These programs are effective because they make customers feel appreciated and unique.

Use influencer marketing

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube users who have a large following and engaged audience are considered to be influencers. And they often choose to promote various services and products, engaging with the audience in a way that is otherwise not possible.

With this information in mind, you can design referral programs that will enable the distribution of your content and products to the appropriate influencers who will, in the end, promote your products and services. Ultimately, this will work wonders for your acquisition efforts.

Final thoughts

Building strong and deep relationships with customers on a global level requires time and effort, so you may not see results immediately. However, if you keep customer retention and acquisition at the center of your business and work carefully to enhance your approach to customers, you will surely see the fruits of your labor.