Generation Z, also known as zoomers or digital natives, has the most significant online presence than any other generation. In a 2016 survey of Gen Z respondents, 40% said that having working Wi-Fi was more important to them than having working bathroom facilities. These statistics point to a generation driven by the internet. Any business that ignores Gen Z’s buying power is unlikely to last in the digital age.

Gen Z demands a relevant brand experience, diversity, and excitement; the role your web design plays in this cannot be understated.

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website

Understanding Gen Z

Let’s take a look at some critical Gen Z facts that can directly impact your online presence and the success of your website.

  • Gen Z is made up of those born between 1997 and 2012
  • There are approximately 70 million Gen Zers in the U.S. and over 7 billion worldwide
  • Gen Z’s purchasing power is over $140 billion and growing each year
  • Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation so far
  • Gen Z is the generation most likely to purchase online
  • Gen Zers love mobile communication

What Gen Z is all about

Gen Z is becoming the most cautious generation. They seek stability and comfort when planning their lives and focus on the future. The harshness of the political and social climate they were born into has created a generation of empathetic humans. News of terrorism, inequality, and global instability is a reality for this generation. They’ve been exposed to such topics at a young age; this built a desire to influence environmental and political causes to break down barriers.

Zoomers are independent and highly tech-savvy. Most of them desire to become successful online. Their knowledge of social media and its influence to gain traction or start a successful business means they are the generation with the most significant number of young millionaires.

Getting Gen Z’s Attention

Gen Z has the shortest attention span of all preceding generations. This does not indicate a lack of intelligence but points to an ability to absorb information in ways that differ from other generations. Here are a few strategies to help you build a website that will make Gen Z sit up and take notice.

Design Means Everything

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Keep it Simple

Minimalist, sleek, and impactful. These are the key things to remember when designing your web page. Gen Z’s shortened attention span means you do not want too many distractions on your page. Your content needs to be impactful and provide highlights or quick data points about your brand, product, or service. This will ensure that Gen Z consumers are more likely to stay on your page and pay attention.

For Gen Z, good design is a necessity. They seek bold and creative content and are easily turned off by overly distracting banners or pop-ups. Your brand’s logo is one of the first things they see, and an outdated or overly complicated logo design will have them searching elsewhere. When completing your logo design test, ensure you get feedback from someone who is a part of Gen Z.

Gen Z Eats With Their Eyes

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Zoomers Eat With Their Eyes

Gen Z is looking for instant gratification. This generation loves YouTube and Snapchat and seeks more information in less time. Gen Zers demand inclusiveness, and incorporating bright and bold colors into your design ensures that they are drawn in. Videos and moving images are essential parts of an attractive webpage that caters to Gen Z.

Keep it Real

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Keep It Real

Remember the marketing content that worked so well with millennials and Gen X? Well, that will not fly with Gen Z. Gen Z wants authentic, personalized experiences and seeks socially responsible brands. If your website looks like it is designed to make money, Gen Z will not give you the light of day.

Zoomers seek brands that are true to a cause and want to support those who try to positively impact or address social issues. Gen Z is also likely to publicly call your brand out if they feel you are not true to your cause. Taking a conversational approach to your marketing and ensuring you show social responsibility are key factors to consider when designing your website for Gen Z.

Need for Speed

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Need For Speed

Zoomers is a perfect nickname for Gen Zs; having grown up in an age of same-day delivery, instant access to information, and mobile shopping, this generation loves convenience. Zoomers are predominantly mobile users, so ensuring your website loads fast on all platforms is crucial.

Generation Z does not appreciate waiting. Gone are the days of people waiting patiently for a screen to load. Surfing a website that does not support mobile browsing is unacceptable to this generation. Gen Z seeks empowerment; they want an accessible world and are always looking for friendlier, smarter, and most importantly, faster brands! Ensuring your website incorporates speed and supports mobile browsing is non-negotiable.

Keep it Simple

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Keep It Simple

Gen Z does not want cluttered websites with multiple banners and various pop-ups. They want a seamless browsing experience that caters to their fast-paced desire for information. Content should be easy to share and almost bite-sized for faster consumption. For Gen Z, less is more.

Diversity is key

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Website | Diversity

Almost half of Gen Z is comprised of minorities, making it the most culturally and racially diverse generation in history. Ensuring your web content reflects this diversity is essential to successfully catering to Gen Z. Your website should move beyond clichés and represent members of all communities. Localization of marketing content is crucial.

Gen Z expects brands to adapt and incorporate pressing social issues regarding ethnicity or inequality as part of their ability to be socially responsible. You need to remember that breaking away from tradition is a Gen Z requirement and showing that in your design and content will increase your reach to zoomers.


Gen Z is just starting to impact the world. As time passes, expect to see their impact increasing. This generation, while relatively young, already accounts for a massive market share. Ensuring your website can engage with Gen Z now will result in a growing audience for your content over the next decade.

Providing a personal, fast, and simple web experience increases your chances of drawing in this often-underestimated generation of ready-to-purchase consumers, which is essential to the success and longevity of your website.

About the Author: Amy Williams

Amy is a senior content writer based in New York. She works with PickFu shaping the future of split testing and increasing conversions for brands.

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