The exact length of a business article varies from year to year.

In 2016, the appropriate length for a business blog article was entirely different from 2008 or even 2013.

The length is only one factor of quality!

You should write engaging content in order to rank well in Google search results.

In this digital era, attention spans are quite shorter, and readers only want concise information. However, this does not imply that your business article should be brief.

Writing a well-knit blog post requires comprehensive content!

Research has shown that the average length of a business article is 1151 words.

The shorter you write the business content, the more enticing it will be!

How to Stay Within the Ideal Length of Business Article and Why?

What is a Business Article?

A business article copes with the writing of sharing crucial information about your firm or organisation. There are multiple types of business articles, i.e., news releases, blogs, brochures, and a lot more.

However, the writing style of all business articles is not the same!

Instead, it varies from article to article depending on the type of writing you have been asked to craft.

Suppose you engaged a new client and you have to write an article. But before diving into the writing phase, you need to answer the following questions:

Preparation Stage and Deciding Word Count

How to Stay Within the Ideal Length of Business Article and Why?

Is your customer targeting several businesses or general people? Your writing style depends on your target audience. For instance, a business owner prefers to read conversational content. On the contrary, general people want to read an informative and valuable article.

Remember, writing a business article does not mean you have to craft content about a business book. However, your content should be easy to scan for the readers.

Your article’s word count should not exceed a specific limit. Otherwise, your audience will lose track. As a result, they will turn down your content. That’s why successful marketers and content writers use word counter online  for measuring the length of their written material.

Most importantly, word counter offers convenience and flexibility to writers. Furthermore, it keeps writers to stay within a specific limit.

Conduct a Well-Structured Research

How to Stay Within the Ideal Length of Business Article and Why?

Before researching your topic, you should pen down a couple of solid points. As a result, these ideas will help you conduct the research.

When you search for those points on Google, it will give you valuable suggestions on similar concepts. Following are the suggestions to consider while researching the topic.

  • Collect the relevant information from credible sites.
  • Read at least six scholarly articles to benefit.
  • Avoid reading outdated articles.
  • Give credit to the sites you visited. Include a couple of links in your content.
  • Structure your data

If you want to write 1100 words business article, you should have at least 3500-4000 words on your page. Once you have gathered all the data, include the information that is authentic and genuine.

When you are trying to stay within the ideal length of a business article, you should include 150-170 words in the opening portion, 750-850 words in the body, and almost 100 words in the conclusion section.

It would be best to write the first draft within 1200-1300 words because the additional words will be trimmed in the editing phase.

Start Writing

How to Stay Within the Ideal Length of Business Article and Why?

Write down all the material you gathered in your own words. Avoid copy-pasting technique. Instead, craft 100% original content.

  • A well-crafted introduction answers the main question. Also, you have to write the purpose of your article.
  • While writing, include the primary and secondary keywords and phrases in the heading, subheading, and content.
  • Include a strong call to action
  • Avoid writing in passive voice. Instead, write 80% of your content in active voice.

Proofreading and Editing

How to Stay Within the Ideal Length of Business Article and Why?

It’s time to polish your article. The editing phase is vital in order to produce top-notch work that will entice your readers.

Reading aloud is the best practice because it will help you identify words and sentences that need improvement.

Once you feel that your article is in a better flow, use grammar checking tools to enhance readability. Most significantly, these apps will highlight all the passive voice sentences, incorrect word order, and punctuation.

Checking even the smallest chunks of sentences will help you craft a top-level article that will resonate with the readers. Plus, check:

  • You have highlighted all the necessary aspects of the topic
  • Your introduction is clear and has high-readability
  • Every single paragraph conveys a single idea
  • All the ideas are represented in the best manner
  • Remove all the complex and unnecessary words, sentences, and even paragraphs. You may think your sentences are well-knit. But the majority of the readers will not find them useful.
  • Finally, check your headings. While you are busy working with the entire article, you may forget to check your article’s headings. They should be error-free.