There are over 5 million apps at any time on Google Play and Apple Stores. However, the ever-increasing demand for smarter and more innovative solutions is always creating demand for more apps.

In 2022, mobile app development will get bigger as the world embraces more advanced technologies and people’s attitudes towards mobile applications in general change.

As many mobile apps and technologies that were trends a few years ago become mainstream, many others are emerging that every player in the industry needs to keep up with.

In this article, we look at some of these emerging mobile app development trends and their impact on the business space and life, in general, going into 2022.

Mobile App Trends to Watch

1. Apps Dependent Blockchain

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been around for some time now, but it is more famous in the cryptocurrency sphere as it powers most digital assets.

The main concept behind blockchain technology and what is making it an emerging trend in mobile app development is that it creates decentralized databases. There is no need for a single service provider or company to act as a gatekeeper with these decentralized databases.

Therefore, apps dependent on this technology are more secure as no one person can modify the databases in an attempt to get access to sensitive user data.

As security becomes more critical in app development, in 2022, blockchain technology will be a crucial component in the development of most mobile applications.

Best Uses

With companies like Microsoft already embarrassing blockchain technology through their Coco (Confidential Consortium) framework, many tech giants will follow suit in 2022.

Smartphone brands like Samsung and HTC are already releasing devices centered around blockchain technology, and in 2022, many more phone manufacturers will also follow the trend. These phones have features and functions like a DApps (decentralized apps) store and cryptocurrency mobile wallets.

2. Foldable Devices

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Foldable Devices

Folding technology is an emerging technology in smartphones as phone companies try to give their users even larger screen sizes without increasing the overall size of the mobile devices.

As leading companies like Samsung launch new models of foldable devices, there will be an increase in demand for mobile app developers to create apps optimized for the folding display.

Emergence foldable devices will also mean app developers get more room to increase the controls and information to make the apps even more detailed and immersive.

3. 5G Technology

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | 5G

It is hard to mention mobile app development trends and leave out 5G technology. Although 5G has been around for a few years now, it is yet to become standard in many places, but it will have a wider reach by 2022.

5G technology will supersede 4G and become the new standard for mobile technology. The technology promises up to 1,000 times faster speeds than 4G as the speeds can reach up to 100 GBs. Additionally, there is lower latency on this network, further ensuring seamless connections.

With the faster 5G connection speeds, there are endless possibilities in the mobile app development industry. Development of apps that rely on technologies requiring faster connections to work properly, like AR and VR, will get a much-needed boost as 5G becomes more widely available.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Augmented Reality

AR integration has been a mobile app development trend for a few years now, and it will continue to be an emerging trend going into 2022 as it is still quite far from becoming standard technology.

What makes it a top mobile app development trend is its integration into the business space, allowing the sellers and service providers to interact with their customers in a more personalized way.

Augmented reality allows businesses to create experiences or showcase stories that will portray their establishments and what they have to offer in the best way.

As more businesses embrace the technology, mobile application developers will need to develop more innovative features and functions to ensure AR users get the most immersive experience.

In 2022, virtual reality augmented will continue being an important part of mobile app development in different sectors from retail to engineering and real estate.

Best Uses

IKEA has one of the best uses of augmented reality apps, and they have been investing a lot of resources over the years in making it an integral part of their shopping experience.

The company allows you to use AR to check how things like furniture will look in your house. Also, shoppers can use AR to try out clothes virtually when shopping online, allowing them to understand better how they will look before buying.

5. Beacon Technology

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is not new, but it has been gaining more traction for mobile app development, and all indication is it will gain even more popularity in 2022.

This technology provides a link between the online and offline world. Beacons help shed more light on how mobile app users interact with physical stores, allowing businesses to understand their customers better.

With beacon technology, you can get valuable information on things like the number of times a shopper visits your stores.

Best Uses

The retail sector is so far the main sector that has embraced beacon technology significantly. Many retailers now use the technology to get real-time information on how shoppers interact with their physical stores.

With all the information gathered, retailers can track buyer shopping patterns and send them the most relevant adverts.

Additionally, the technology is proving very useful for navigating through busy shopping malls with several stores. In the coming years, the technology will continue expanding as more retailers and other sectors embrace it.

Smartphone users can also expect developers to integrate more features like mobile payment with beacon technology in 2022.

6. Mobile Commerce

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Mobile Technology

Mobile commerce entails making purchases or selling products and services using a mobile device. It typically relies on native mobile apps, and it should not be confused with e-commerce, which happens through mobile web pages.

The volume of m-commerce is on steady growth, and by 2022 it will be worth around $22 billion. As the market grows, the mobile app development industry will see an increased focus on making native apps to support this emerging shopping trend.

Being one of the most promising mobile app development trends, m-commerce touches on almost all industries that have retail touchpoints. Mobile apps that accommodate m-commerce will get more popular in 2022, as many consumers switch to the convenience of buying stuff on their phones.

7. App Development for Multiple Platforms

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | App Development for Multiple Platforms

Of the many app trends expected to gain traction in 2022, app development for multiple platforms is perhaps what catches the attention of many people keeping track of changes in the mobile app industry.

Multiple-platform or cross-platform app development is a framework that will allow players in the app industry to develop apps that can work across various platforms without changing the codebase. Hence, app developers can create apps that can work on iOS, Android, Windows, and even the web.

All this means apps will have a wider market reach and will also be more cost-effective to create for brands, given they do not need to have a different app made for each of these platforms.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Internet Of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is an old technology that has been utilized in production processes where machines cooperate effectively towards a specific goal. However, it is an emerging trend in mobile applications as developers continue to introduce it to consumers.

With the consumer version of the IoT system, things like computers and home appliances communicate and work together to keep the home running smoothly or achieve any other intended end goals.

Any machine or system in the IoT system includes a unique identifier, which allows it to send and receive messages/commands from others across the internet.

More and more devices like smartphones and wearables will be added to the IoT system in the coming years. Their addition will give users even more sophisticated tools for controlling their machines and home appliances.

9. Machine-Learning and AI

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Artificial Intelligence

As the app industry witnesses faster growth than any other time, machine learning and artificial intelligence are two vital things to keep in mind. Artificial intelligence is the main area of focus for many apps.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are almost becoming mainstream, with apps like Siri and chatbots now being commonplace. However, both will still be trends to watch in 2022 as they will make even greater impacts.

Besides the already existing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, in 2022, mobile apps and smartphones, in general, will continue adapting others like user predictions and AI-based cameras.

Other AI trends to watch out for in the near future include automated geo detection, algorithmic trading, predictive maintenance, and static image recognition and tagging. Additionally, AI will form an integral part of gaming apps and software development.

10. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Progressive Web App

PWAs have characteristics of both apps and webpages and are hence more like a hybrid. What makes them unique and why they are mobile app development trends to look forward to in 2022 is that they counter most native app and web page shortcomings.

With these apps, there is less dependency on internet connections, and loading is much faster. Better still, they will take up less space and are updated automatically, which are huge benefits for the app users.

11. Instant Apps

Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2022 | Instant Apps

Instant apps will allow the users to launch and test them on their smartphones without first downloading and installing them. With the wide selection of apps on the Apple and Android stores, these features allow you to test several of them before settling for what works best for you.

In the coming year, instant apps are a trend to watch for in mobile development, and it will probably end up becoming standard for all new apps launching.

The coming of instant apps means that mobile app development will have to pay more attention to making a good first impression. Businesses like the New York Times are already embracing instant mobile apps, and as the battle to get more customers intensifies, more will follow in 2022.

Bottom Line

Mobile apps have transformed the business space completely. They are now at the heart of how businesses interact with their customers and how the consumers pay bills, shop, and do online searches for information.

Going into 2022, every business that wants to keep up with the competition needs to watch out for the mobile app development trends above. Keeping these trends in mind and embracing any changes they bring about is the only way to remain relevant and develop your business in these modern times.

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