The power of video content on social media has been entertaining and educating us for a very long time. However, if you look at today’s social media platforms, you’ll find that global brands, small businesses, and market-leading influencers are all in the spotlight through a heterogeneous combination of cutting-edge video content which has now become one of the most important marketing channels in the world.

The Power of Video Content on Social Media – and How you Can Harness it

A staggering 85% of companies are now using video as a marketing tool, and 92% of marketers agree that video is an important part of the trending strategies for digital marketing. According to a survey, 99% of marketers will continue using video for marketing and 95% of them even plan to increase their investment in video advertising.

Why is video content so crucial for social media marketing?

Video content is integrated into the marketing of strategies and you can achieve incredible results with social media marketing that generates wonderful opportunities.

1. Brands help to achieve new viewers

Marketers are currently paying attention to Millenials and Gen Z and are carefully considering how to reach them. Generation Z now accounts for 40% of all consumers and is unaffected by traditional advertising channels such as billboards, TV ads, and print advertising and has now primarily switched to social media channels. This is a grand opportunity for brands that want to attract an audience that has proven to be difficult.

2. Provides an opportunity to tell a story

Video content provides the brand with the opportunity to tell a story before launching a video, perhaps before selling a product. Framing communication creates emotional connections that can have a dramatic impact on customer retention metrics. Communication through storytelling allows brands to fuse messages with interesting and informative content, making consumers much more likely to spend valuable time watching them.

3. The ROI is hard to hit

Get the most out of your social media video content through video marketing that provides an impressive ROI, which is one of the main reasons marketers are clamouring to use it. Five years ago, video marketing ROI was successful in only one-third of marketers. The video content score is improving at an alarming rate, with an understanding of how to create video content that truly resonates with these key viewers.

4. It is uniquely effective in building trust

The importance of social media videos, creating, editing, and sharing video content on social media has never been easier. It brings great benefits such as reliability and flexibility. With video content, brands can show their customers exactly who they are, what they represent, and where they are heading.

Brands can use videos to show their personality, reform existing stories, and even change their position as a company. Similarly, global brands may choose video campaigns to interact with new audiences.

5. Provides powerful data and actionable insights

Brands have instant access to very powerful data using video marketing content. Avid viewers can participate in a user journey that is completely driven by the habit of watching videos. Businesses can send targeted information and CTAs to encourage viewers who are in the middle of watching a video.

Viewers who watch the entire video can be marketed accordingly, and viewers who have previously dropped out of the video can be provided with specifically targeted information. Learn how to edit videos effectively and provide different stories, and styles to different audiences, and focus on the most effective communication in each target market.

6. The most effective type of social media video

Exploring the world of social media video reveals that content tends to fall into several different categories. The most effective of these are:

  • Brand Videos

Branded videos are common in social media campaigns, but they can also be useful if they are prominently displayed on your brand’s website. The most compelling brand videos introduce you to your brand and convey its mission shortly and clearly to attract the attention of the viewer

  • LIVE Videos

Live videos establish trust and boost authenticity and target audiences. These can be shared multiple times using platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and brands of all kinds are using this technique to come face-to-face with the customer and educate them about what their business is all about.

  • Testimonials and customer reviews

Customer experience and feedback play a massive role in a buyer’s purchasing decision, and the brand can dramatically improve conversion rates by creating real videos of acclaimed reviews, including sound bites from genuinely happy customers.

  • Event videos

Brands are constantly putting a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and hard work into carefully edited video clips to inform those who couldn’t be there exactly what they missed. Event videos can be shot at any event, from product launches and meetings to top-secret gigs and invite-only parties.

How to unleash the potential and power of social media video

Now you can harness the omnipotent power of digital video marketing by following these simple tips and tricks:

1. Plan your strategy

Have a clear and well-thought-out strategy considering your ultimate goal and what your successful campaign will look like. Think about the quantitative and qualitative results you want to achieve and plan strategies to reach them. The more informative your strategy is, the better your results will be

2. Get attention

Once you start planning your video content, you should be concerned about getting the viewer’s attention. Video content needs to get viewers involved quickly.

3. Remember the message

Video content offers so many possibilities that inspire creativity and has endless possibilities. It is the best way to convey the brand’s message. The beauty of the video may be infinite, and the key messages should be clearly and easily transmitted. Make sure your video is promoting your story quickly in the easiest way.

4. Don’t miss the audio

It is always advisable to use an external microphone to avoid audio problems. That way, you can keep your audience from missing beats. Add a good background score or soft music and sound connects to the viewers and attracts better attention.

5. Don’t forget the subtitles

Subtitles are very important for video content, as social media video campaigns are often viewed without audio. Of course, this means that adding subtitles is essential to make the video content accessible to all viewers. There is a lot of user-friendly software that can do this


Brands can attract an audience who is content with their choices when it comes to video content. You can now grow your marketing agency using videos as a marketing tool. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that video content has officially taken over the world of marketing. This seems to be a trend that will continue in the future.

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