As you likely know, social media is a great place to share photos of family vacations and other mundane things. It can also be a cesspool for social bullying and other atrocities. But, social media can also be an amazing resource for gaining valuable insight into increasing your online sales. Name the product or service and it’s pretty much guaranteed there’s an influencer that will share their experience with you on one of the social media platforms.

To be a successful digital marketer these days it’s important to use any resource that you can in order to sell your product. In order to facilitate this, I decided to research the most popular influencers on social media and discuss where their expertise lies. Clearly this list won’t include every influencer in every area of online sales, but hopefully it will give you a pretty look at some of the ones that are out there, and maybe you’ll find something that might help your online sales efforts.

I didn’t put the following names in any particular order, I’ll let you vote for the influencers that you find value.

About the Author: Dave Sweeney

Dave is an Emmy-Award® winning web designer/developer and has worked in the digital media industry in both newspaper and broadcast television since 1999. He has also worked as an Art Director for a medium-sized advertising agency in the South Florida market and TheeDigital's customers' are benefiting from his talent these days.

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